Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Tom has been providing this valuable tool to horse owners for several years now; regularly working with other horse professionals to achieve the optimum level of data capture.

Gait analysis can be of benefit to all horses, particularly those with a low grade lameness or performance horses. If you wish to compete at a higher or top level but feel something may be holding you back, gait analysis may highlight areas that can be improved that may not be obvious to the naked eye.

Slow motion gait analysis provides a more objective assessment of the performance of your horse that can be compared to future assessments, giving a realistic picture of any improvements or issues that may have occurred.

How It Works

Depending on what aspect you wish to have analysed, a scenario can be set up that should allow video footage to be collected that can be analysed. For example, if hoof and limb balance is to be assessed, a flat, hard surface can be used to walk and trot the horse towards and away from the camera. This video is then loaded onto a computer software programme that allows the user to utilise many ‘tools’ to make measurements of distance, time, angles and speed to name but a few. This data can then be used to form an accurate report that is referred to during shoeing.

For a more overall analysis of your horse, a video of the whole horse can be taken, joint angles, limb and foot flight, stride length and time, slide times, and many other factors can be measured and a report can be made outlining findings. For issues with a certain movement or activity, the scenario that causes the problem can be recreated in a way that allows this to be captured on video. For example, if a horse is not achieving the height required when show jumping, the take-off and landing can be observed in slow motion, and analysed.

To have the video captured usually takes about an hour, and the analysis can take up to ten! It is therefore recommended that the horse is analysed a few days before any work is undertaken to correct or improve any findings, be it farriery or other.

We regularly work in association with experts in the equine health care field to maximise the effectiveness of the results the Gait Analysis may provide, especially when the assessment is for the overall horse or when the aim is to locate a low grade lameness.

A report is always created on every horse analysed for your information and reference.

If you have any queries or are interested in our Gait Analysis service, please call Tom or e-mail for more information.