We work regularly for high class professional horse owners, competing in disciplines from Grand Prix Dressage and team GB riders to top class Polo; Point to Point horses to hunters; high class show jumpers and eventers are all shod fit for purpose to maximise performance. Our work has been assessed by Team GB vets, farriers and physio’s with a clean bill of health, in fact, we have had horses referred to us by them!

An increasing demand for good remedial shoeing has led to us providing a service to customers over a large area who are looking for a professional farrier who is prepared to consult with veterinary surgeons; with team work the horse stands the best chance of returning to and maintaining soundness.

We have a working forge providing all the facilities required to make and fabricate any shoe required. We also have two mobile van based forges. This allows us to attend customers horses in a timely fashion with all of the equipment needed to shoe to the highest standard

We take great pride in ensuring that the best style of shoe, implemented with comfort, balance and performance in mind, is used in a calm and unrushed manner to suit both the horse and rider’s needs. A combination of traditional skills and modern techniques and materials are used to maintain the soundness of even the hardest working horse. Your horse is individually assessed to consider the effect shoeing will have on the whole body and limbs, not just the hoof capsule. We truly believe that no two horses should be shod exactly the same; it is a real skill that seems to be lost to be able to shoe different horses in many styles.

This website provides a little information about some of the services we can provide and an introduction to the team.


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